Q) Is my car or bike insured whilst I'm on the Nurburgring?
A) Your insurance may or may not cover driving the circuit on a public day. If in doubt please contact your insurer.

Q) How do I pay for my booking?
A) We accept payment by cheque/bank transfer/credit/debit cards. For Nurburgring Organised Tours a £250 deposit is required (per car) and the balance is payable 6 weeks before the event. For trackdays payment in advance is required and for car rentals a credit card number to secure the booking is required with payment in full on the day of rental.

Q) Do I need European accident and breakdown insurance when driving my own car?
A) YES. No matter how old or new your car is there is always the chance that it may let you down. You MUST have European breakdown cover as a condition of touring with us. We recommend German ADAC membership which is valid for one year and even covers the UK and recovery from the Nurburgring Nordschleife itself.

Q) Are the rumours true about the costs if you crash on the Nurburgring?
A) YES - Make no mistake about it, if you crash on the Nurburgring you will pay for closures, damage, cleaning up etc and that can run into £10,000s of pounds. Also if your car spills fluids on the track which results in an accident you WILL be blamed for the accident. Do make sure your car is in tip top mechanical condition before leaving.

Q) Do I need Travel insurance?
A) YES. The last thing you want is to get seriously ill in a foreign country or lose cash or valuables whilst out there. You MUST have Travel insurance as a condition of touring with us

Q) Can you arrange just accommodation and ferry crossings if I don't require an organised tour?
A) Yes we can - check out our 'self drive' packages for more info.

Q) Can I buy one of your experiences or services for my loved ones?
A) Yes you can! Simply purchase a gift voucher from us which can be redeemed against any of our experiences or services.

Q) Is video recording allowed on the Nurburgring?
A) Yes but only on the inside of the vehicle and with a secure mount. For open top cars such as Caterhams and Radicals for example a roll bar mount will suffice.

Q) Why should I choose The Nurburgring Experience to arrange my 'ring trip?
A) We will provide you with a personal and professional service. Put simply we are the only full time Nurburgring events operator and we've been around since 1998. Unlike some of our so called competitors we aren't doing this for a 'free 'ring trip'. This is our full time business as well as our passion. No one else holds as many tours or events each year than us. We don't publicise fake events as sold out or make out we are running more tours that we actually are. We are the real deal!

Q) Does the price include lap tickets for the Nurburgring Nordschleife?
A) Yes. We provide 4 laps as part of the package price. In either scenario additional lap tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the paddock car park. Click here for more details.

Q) What time is the Channel Crossing on your Nurburgring-Tours?
A) We usually travel travel at 7 or 8m outbound and approximately 2pm inbound. The return time is flexible and subject to space you may take an earlier or later crossing.

Q) Do your Nurburgrng-Tours include meals?
A) No food is not included.

Q) What if whilst there I want to do my own thing?
A) You are more than welcome to have some time to yourself whilst on our tours. No one is forced to stick to the itinerary however most people like to stay with the group.

Q) Apart from the track what else will we get upto over the course of the weekend?
A) Most events are pre-arranged for our groups, drive or ride outs on the twisty roads, track viewing points, sight seeing, evening meals, local tours - we arrange a full itinerary for you.

Q) What if I have a Jahreskarte (season pass) or I just don't want the tickets included in the price?
A) Absolutely no problem, we'd invite you to book a car using the prices and forms for the Trackday rentals. The prices shown in that section do not included lap tickets or fuel. Click here for 'basic' Trackday Car Rental Prices.

Q) How many drivers can share a car?
A) Normally cars are shared by up to two drivers. Three is possible, but not recommended. If you want to include more drivers than the two included, we will charge an admin fee of up to €150 per extra driver. Time is very limited on a busy public session, and with four drivers in one car it can often be a struggle to each do just one lap in a full day.

Q) Am I insured?
Yes. Each car is insured for up to €6 million of third-party damages while driving on the public roads and specifically the Nordschleife during Touristenfahrten. This policy does NOT cover your own health and damages. There are still excesses to pay for both third-party claims as well as damages to your rental car. For third-party claims the excess is set at €5000. For damage to the rental car, your liabilities will be restricted to the excess amounts set out in the rental contract. See the table above for excess amounts.

Q) Can I take passengers with me?
A) You are free to take passengers with you as the Nordschleife during Touristenfahrten is classed as a public road. However we would caution any customer to remember the following points; 1) Motorsport is dangerous 2) Taxi driving during TF is strictly forbidden and suspected offenders are regularly banned without argument - if you do take several friends passenger for laps you may be asked to either stop taking passengers or leave the circuit completely.

Q) What if I book the car but the track isn't open?
A) If the track doesn't open during your booked period we will either reschedule your booking for free or refund you minus commission & credit card/bank transfer fees.

Q) Can I use a 'trackday' package price in one of the public sessions?
A) You can, if you wish, use these prices for touristenfahrten (public driving on the 'ring). Your car will be supplied with a full tank of fuel, but with no lap tickets. When returning the car, please remember to re-fill with the appropriate grade of fuel (usually RON 98) or you will be charged for the fuel and the labour too.

Q) What if I fail to use all the laps in my budget?
A) We are not in the habit of upsetting customers, and we will do our best to reschedule your laps, but we make no guarantees. If you cannot complete your booking for whatever reason (track shuts early due to accident, you get lost, your lunch takes too long etc...) we are not obligated to offer you a refund in any form.

Q) Can I take the evening rental on a weekend?
A) No, the evening rental is a special deal only valid on weekday nights.

Q) What if I want to do more laps than the package allows?
A) The extra lap costs are detailed in the far-right column of the table above. These prices include the extra miles on the car, as well as extra fuel and extra lap tickets.

Q) What if it rains on the day I want to drive?
A) We offer no refunds or rescheduling for the onset of wet weather. This is the Eifel and it's very often wet!

Q) Why can't I just turn up and drive the Porsches or M3 on my first visit?
A) Because we value your health and your wealth! Driving the Nordschleife is unlike driving any other circuit on Earth. It's dangerous and difficult. Experience on other tracks, or experience with a supercar on the road will not automatically make you safer on the Nordschleife. Many of the serious crashes occur here within the first few laps of the day, with both experienced and novice drivers crashing alike. Until you honestly know the circuit 100%, anything faster than the Clio or R26.R will be a waste. Blind crests are blind crests, no matter how much horsepower you have under the pedal. If you want to drive a fast car on your first visit you need to book instruction via one of our trackdays.

Q) How many laps will I do in a day/2hrs/half a day?
A) Most first-time visitors will struggle to do more than two laps back-to-back. Your first lap will be a 15-minute blur of hard concentration and adrenaline. And nine 'sessions' later it'll only be more demanding, not less! Queues and closures during TF will also conspire to reduce your track time. If you want to do 12 laps in a day, check out our Trackdays instead.

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