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Built in 1927 to rejuvenate the area and create employment, the Nurburgring Nordschleife is quite simply the most challenging road in the world.

The world's major manufacturers use it as a test bed for development and the chances are the car you are driving was honed round those famous corners.

In years gone by the Nordschleife circuit even played host to Formula 1 until in 1976 safety concerns meant it would not return to the region until a new modern Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit was completed in 1984.

Split into two parts - the 12.9 mile 'Nordschelife' (Northloop) and the 3.2mile Grand Prix Circuit. Both circuits are open to the public at designated times (not everyday as some people think) but it's the Nordschleife which people aspire to drive. When not open to the public the circuit plays host to motor industry pool testing as well as many private driver training events and private trackdays some of which we are involved with. Trackdays are a unique way to experience the circuit with limited numbers of cars in attendance and no bikes allowed on track.

Driving enthusiasts from around the globe flock to experience driving their own cars (or one of our many rental vehicles) on the worlds most hallowed piece of tarmac. Open to the general public on selected days throughout the year, all you need is a road legal vehicle and a 'ring card' loaded with laps. German road law applies at all times and there are even sections with speed limits. Cars, bikes, 4X4s, buses and coaches - if it's road legal it's allowed on the Nurburgring Nordschleife!

The Nurburgring Nordschleife - 20832 metres that separate the men from the boys.

Public 'Touristenfahrten' Lap Ticket Prices (ROAD LEGAL vehicles only)

You may buy your laps from the Nurburgring ticket office in the car park paddock. Laps come pre-loaded on a 'ring card' which you can also load with cash that can be spent at the Nurburgring facilities for food, drinks and souvenirs. This system works much like an Oyster Card.

1 lap€27
4 laps€100 - inc one Ring Werk ticket & 10% discount on on-board camera hire
9 laps€209 - inc one Ring Werk ticket & 10% discount on on-board camera hire
25 laps€518 - inc one Ring Werk ticket & 10% discount on on-board camera hire
Annual Season Pass 'Jahreskarte'€1650 - inc two Ring Werk tickets & 10% discount on on-board camera hire

Lap tickets are valid for the entire calendar year in which they are bought.

Please note we do not sell laps but we can include them as part of our Organised Tours if required (especially in conjunction with a Gift Voucher)

If you require an exclusive Trackday session then there is no need to buy any laps.

Opening Times

Please see our events calendar for details of opening times, tour dates, trackdays and race meetings


On a public day ('Touristenfahrten') German road traffic law applies - this means that as a UK citizen at the very most you will be covered for third party damages in the event of an accident. After your insurer meets a third party claim expect them to ask you to pay for their losses, unless that is your policy specifically covers you for driving on the circuit. If in doubt, please assume that you are simply not covered. You drive the Nordschleife at your own risk.

Breakdowns and accidents

Expect to pay €250 to be towed off the circuit in the event of accident or breakdown. We recommend you have ADAC cover (German equivalent of our AA) as this covers you for an entire year for the whole of Europe (with recovery to the UK) and recovery from the Nurburgring itself. Cover costs €80 per annum. Call +49 47 27444 to arrange your cover.

Nurburgring emergency telephone number

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a breakdown or collision on the circuit of if you witness the same then please call the Nurburgring Marshalls office on +49 26 91302215

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